As part of our summer-only programs, CACS will be opening the 3x a week skills programs to culinary bound teens 13-19 years old!*

CACS’ most popular program is now offered 3x as a summer bootcamp. Finish in 1.5 months! This hands-on series is open to all kitchen enthusiasts who would like to get fast and yet technical comprehensive skills in the shortest time possible! The course will cover all areas of basic & international cookery, meat & fish fabrication, sauces, stocks, vegetable & asian cookery as well as pastries, meringues, cookies, breads, chocolates and desserts. The series will culminate in an extensive buffet proudly prepared by the students.

Now open for enrollees: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays (opens on April 8, 2010) Schedule OR Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays (opens on April 19, 2010). Finish by the end of May 2010! Limited slots available. Enroll Today!

*Teens who have not finished highschool are not eligible for the TESDA certification, but will still receive a CACS Certificate when they finish the program.