We’re proud to announce that for our 10 year anniversary, CACS will be giving out incredible discounts for its culinary & pastry arts program at CACS!

On our 10th year anniversary, The Center for Asian Culinary Studies will be giving a rare opportunity to get an addition P10,000 off aside from 10% off when students pay in full for our Professional Culinary and Pastry arts program for the PM section. (over P 46,000 in savings!!!)

Students who will be signing up for our am section and will be paying in full will still be given the 10% off and an addition P5,000 off to celebrate our 10th year as a culinary school (over P 40,000 in savings!!!)

Celebrate with us and take this once-in-a-lifetime chance to get high quality culinary education at a lower price! This offer will be limited to the number of slots open for the August & September opening program. Enroll with us today to ensure that you have a slot in this once-in-a-lifetime deal!