“Pia, as a student was a silent worker. She was a person that was not a talker, but someone who got things done. She was not afraid to ask if she did not know certain procedures and did not pretend to know. This was probably despite all the intrigues as she was barely 20 years of age, Pia was voted Executive Chef of their Legacy Buffet event… And she pulled this off making the necessary purchasing requests, cooking schedules and other logistical measures to make this event successful. Her persevering soul as a student is definitely what catapulted her to the title of Ms. Universe 2016.” – Chef Gene Gonzalez

“Pia was my student 7 years ago when she was just 19 years old. This was quite a long time ago and with quite a number of students who have taken our courses before and after her, I would need to search through my memory of this time. This is what I remember of her, she was a very quiet, timid and graceful student who would try her very best to do all assignments given to her team. She would always be complete in her uniform which was well pressed and neatly organized. She also would come to class early to take a meal at Café Ysabel before her classes start and would be happily engaged in conversation with her classmates. In class, she was very diligent with her work and with the food that she had to present. She did very well in pastry and as she said, I was her pastry teacher, the person who taught her how to bake. At times, when she didn’t have a ride home, I would offer to drop her since her place was in the same way as mine. Very good memories of Pia…. I only saw her again last year when she had lunch in Café Ysabel and she was not so different from the Pia I knew before, so articulate, intelligent and very confident… A true Miss Universe. ” – Chef Junjun de Guzman

“Pia was my student during her last teen years.nShe would always come early and hang out at the Cafe. I guess she didn’t want to be late. She was always in complete uniform and wore her whites the way it should be worn and treated by a culinarian. She was a quiet team player that would do the goven tasks for the day correctly. She knew how to follow directions which is one trait that I look for in my students because to become a leader, one has to know how to follow directions first.  Passion, Perserverance & Determination made her win the crown of Ms.Universe. Traits of a great chef or in her case…Ms.Universe! Congratulations Pia! We are so proud of you!” – Chef Gino Gonzalez

Pia Wurtzbach studying at CACS 1

Pia Wurtzbach studying at CACS 2

Pia Wurtzbach studying at CACS 3

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