This hands-on series is intended for kitchen enthusiasts of all ages who have tight schedules but would like to acquire the necessary basic skills, tools and techniques that will enable them to enhance their careers or enter a lucrative world of recreational and even, professional cooking and baking.

Lessons cover all areas of basic kitchen skills; meat, fish, poultry and seafood fabrication; vegetables; pasta and other starch accompaniments and internationally accepted standards for baking. Menu planning and wine appreciation is also part of the program. This series will culminate with a lunch buffet prepared by the students. Graduates will merit a government regulated (TESDA) certificate.

Certificate Program Syllabus

Day 1: Basic Culinary French/ Basic Kitchen Skills/ Vegetables/ Salads and Dressing
Day 2: Egg Cookery and Egg Based Sauces
Day 3: Stocks/ Soups
Day 4: Stocks/ Sauces
Day 5: Beef Fabrication
Day 6: Pork and Lamb Fabrication
Day 7: Chicken and Duck Fabrication
Day 8: Seafood Fabrication
Day 9: Into to Asian Cookery
Day 10: Introduction to Pastry Crepes/ Soufflés/ Custards/ Waffles/ Pancakes
Day 11: Meringues
Day 12: Pastry Dough
Day 13: Cakes and Cookies
Day 14: Breads and Special Desserts
Day 15: Chocolates
Day 16: Discussion to legacy buffet, Menu Planning and Design and Wine Appreciation Dinner
Day 17—19: Logistic Catering Preparations
Day 20: Legacy Buffet