Master the essentials of Asian cuisine with our 38 days intensive Professional Asian program. Get hands-on experience with Asian techniques and equipment such as high-pressure Chinese wok-cooking, Skylab duck roasting, dumpling making, ramen cooking, sushi, Korean bulgogi, Vietnamese pho, wok fried chili crabs and many more.

  1. *Asian Cuisine Fundamentals Module (4 days)
  2. *Chinese Restaurant Cookery Module (5 days)
  3. *Japanese Restaurant Cookery (4 days)
  4. *Vietnamese Restaurant Module (4 days)
  5. *Thai Restaurant Cookery Module (5 days)
  6. *Korean Restaurant Cookery Module (3 days)
  7. *Indonesian / Malay / Singaporean Restaurant Module (3 days)
  8. *Filipino Restaurant Cuisine Module (3 days)
  9. Menu Planning, Buffet Preparations, Asian Legacy Buffet (3 days)

Included 2 sets Asian Chef’s Uniform / knifes / Manuals / Ingredients

Benefits offered to our Pro-Diploma course students include massive discounts and more.

Less 150 hours in Internship (Hot Kitchen) & no OJT waitering hours.