A word from our founder and president

If we were to look at what the Philippines has been offering the world from a chef’s point-of-view, two things seem to come to mind:

Look at any cruise ship or international hotel, and chances are, many of the meals enjoyed in this establishment are prepared by Filipino culinary professionals. On the other hand, many foreign students are beginning to enjoy the benefits of the, inexpensive yet excellent, Filipino educational system.

Taking both ideas into mind, I established the Center for Asian Culinary Studies, as a hub for professional and recreational studies in Gastronomy and in Classical and Modern Culinary artistry.

Our vision, of creating the global chefs in a learner-centered environment, with good value education, has made the Center for Asian Culinary Studies known for its quality graduates for the past 9 years.

With our faculty, who are all experienced, dynamic and active food industry consultants and practitioners; CACS, as a global and progressive culinary school, pushes its vision of producing the world’s global chefs.

Welcome to the world of creative cuisine education and excellence!

Chef Gene Gonzalez
CACS President & Chef-Instructor