davaocontactCACS Davao’s Class Schedules
One-day recreational and business programs provide focused theme lessons for hobbyists and restaurateur – caterers who wish to gain additional knowledge from our pool of over 400 select lessons on international cooking and baking as taught by competent Chef-Instructors from CACS-Manila.

Opening Program Schedules & Recreational Classes for April – May 2013


April 12,2013 (Friday) 6PM-9PM- SUSHI WORKSHOP- All about Japanese foods! Try this flavorful dishes by Chef Lawrence Zafra. Recipes: Sushi Rice, California Maki, Manila Maki, Davao Maki, Futo Maki, Tamago Sushi, Temaki, Tekka Donburi. Fee: Php 1,900.00 (inclusive of ingredients)

 April 13,2013 (Saturday) 9AM-4PM (lunchbreak:12:00nn-1:30pm)– PIZZA & PASTA WORKSHOP for KIDS & TEENS – This tasty and creative pizza & pasta workshop is a fantastic activity for all children – learn how to make their own pizzas & experience easy pasta they will surely love. Pizza Recipes: Basic Pizza Dough, Manila Pizza, Puttanesca Pizza, Seafood Bianca, Meatlovers Pizza, New York Pizza, Pizza Margherita. Pasta Recipes: Carbonara, Macaroni & Cheese, Bolognese, Sausage and Chicken Linguine, Puttanesca         Fee: Php 3,000.00 (inclusive of ingredients).



If you’re harbouring suspicions that there’s a Master Chef in the making in your kitchen, it might be a good idea to enroll the tot in a kid’s cooking class. It might be fun to see how that goes besides keeping him or her happily occupied during summer vacation. Who knows, you might end up picking a few pointers yourself.

April 16,2013 (Tuesday) 9AM-12NN  – COOKIE MONSTER GANG!-Enjoy baking your own Snickerdoodle Dandy, Caramel Cookie Cutouts, Crack Rock, and Twisted Tails.

April 16,2013 (Tuesday) 1PM-4PM – DOUGH-RE-MI CLASS!-It’s a fun, hands-on experience which encourages the kids to take cooking seriously in my DOUGH-RE-MI CLASS! Learn to bake Cinnamon Snail Rolls, Doughnuts and Acorns, Apple Squares, and Stickles.

 April 18,2013 (Thursday) 9AM-12NN – CHIPPY, CHIPPY BANG BANG takes you to a world of munchies! Potato and Carrot Chips, Spudz, Shoestrings, Assorted Flavored Fries and Nuggets with bonus Dips.

 April 18,2013 (Thursday) 1PM-4PM – JUNIOR GOURMET cooking session takes you to a party menu! The children will learn skills and good habits that will last a lifetime! Vegetable Chowder, Macaroni Medley, Salad Days, Juicy Chicken BBQ, and Strawberry Trifle.

 *TAKE ALL 4 CLASSES AT P3,800.00 OR CHOOSE per/class at P1,000.00*


April 3 & 4,2013 (Wednesday & Thursday) Day 1 (9AM-3PM) Day 2(1PM-5PM)- FIGURE MOLDING CLASS – Tap the inner child in you and get your creative juices flowing. Learn how to make 3D figures using modeling paste and breathe life to your cake creations. Everyone will enjoy doing his/her own special project in class! Fee:Php  3,200.00 (inclusive of ingredients).

 April 5,2013 (Friday) 9AM-4PM – EDIBLE GIFTS Surprised your love ones with this edible gifts that would surely excite them. Each student will learn how to make his/her  own Cookie Bouquet plus! The newest trend in artful cupcake presentation “cupcakes within the cakes”, suitable for all occasions. Fee: Php 2,500.00 (inclusive of ingredients).

May 1 & 2,2013 (Wednesday & Thursday) 1PM-5PM – WILTON 2 FLOWERS AND CAKE DESIGNS- Create breathtaking icing flower arrangements! Gorgeous lilies, vibrant violets and sunny daffodils, the spectacular Wilton Rose, intricate basket weave for an amazing flower basket cake. Fee: Php 9,500.00 (inclusive of wilton kit, manual and cake)

May 3,2013 (Friday) 1PM-5PM & May 4,2013 (Saturday) 9AM-5PM – WILTON 4 ADVANCED GUMPASTE FLOWERS- Floral arrangements that top the most beautiful cakes! Life-like blossoms, flowers and leaves, sensational and beautiful floral spray, artistic quality of gerbera daisies, briar roses and stargazer lilies. Fee: Php 10,500.00 (inclusive of wilton kit, manual and cake)