The Intensive Professional Culinary & Pastry Arts Program.

The Intensive Professional Program is shorter but is still thorough course comparable to CACS Manila’s Professional Program. Developed for Mindanao, the program prepares the students for professional entry into the food service industry. This intensive program integrates classical and modern culinary techniques from the finest institutions abroad with kitchen management skills.

The Certificate Program in Cooking & Baking Skills.
A 20-day, 28-sessions equivalent course. The program covers all areas of basic kitchen skills; meat, fish, poultry, seafood fabrication; vegetables, pasta and internationally accepted standards for baking.

The Intensive Program in Cooking & Baking Skills.
A 12-day, 18-sessions equivalent course. This intensive hands-on series is intended for individuals or kitchen enthusiasts who would like to acquire the necessary basic skills and techniques in a short term course.

The Advanced Cooking & Baking Skills Program.
18-day, 26 sessions equivalent course. This program is intended for all graduates of our Intensive Program or Skills Program who would like to enhance and continue learning more about professional cooking and baking. This program will end with a sit-down dinner to be prepared by the students.

Recreational Classes & Workshops
Our one to three day recreational classes and workshops provide focused and themed lessons for enthusiasts, hobbyists and entrepreneurs who wish to gain ideas from our pool of over 400 select lessons on international cooking and baking as taught by competent local chef consultants and foreign chefs.