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davaocontactIntensive Program in Cooking & Baking Skills

It is a 12-day, 18-sessions equivalent course. This intensive hands-on series is intended for individuals or kitchen enthusiasts who would like to acquire the necessary basic skills and techniques in a short term course but will enable them to enhance their careers or enter a more lucrative world of recreational and even, professional cooking and baking. Course’s coverage includes basic food preparation and cooking methods for vegetable, pork, beef poultry and seafood. International sauces and their variations as well as common terms used in international kitchens. Baking methods and techniques for pies, cookies, cakes and breads. All classes are hands-on with lectures and discussions. The program has a required practicum training for 300 hours on actual restaurant condition.

The class will be handled by Chefs: Toto Erfe, Café Ysabel’s Executive Sous Chef, Representative Chef for Filipino cuisine in food promotions abroad and Executive Sous Chef for the Asian Tourism Forum. Chef Jun Jun de Guzman, CACS-Manila Programs Director and Pastry Head Instructor, USDA Council of Chef Trainer and consultant to major food corporations and CACS-Manila Pastry Chef, Jenny Tan. The class is limited to 25 students only. Enrollment is inclusive of Ingredients, Manuals, Chef’s jacket and Chef’s kit.

Class schedule is Mon-Wed-Fri at 9:00-4:00 PM.

Intensive Cooking & Baking Course Plan
DAY 1: Knife usage / Vegetable Cuts / Salad / Dressings/ Egg-
based Sauces & Egg Cookery
DAY 2: Stocks / Sauces / Variety Meats
DAY 3: Meat Cookery (Beef, Pork and Lamb)
DAY 4: Poultry Cookery (Chicken and Duck)
DAY 5: Seafood Cookery
DAY 6: Halal Cookery
DAY 7: Baking Introduction/ Fruit Cuts/ Crepes/ Meringues
DAY 8: Souffles / Custards / Pate A Choux / Dessert Sauce /
DAY 9: Pastry Doughs
DAY 10: Cookies and Cakes
DAY 11: Breads (Quick & Yeast)
DAY 12: Modern Methods in Baking

Requirements for enrollment:
1.Comprehensive Resume with 2 pieces 1X1 photo
2.Filled-out CACS Application Form
3.Photocopy of High School or College Diploma and Birth Certificate
4.Interview with CACS Faculty