The Intensive Professional Culinary & Pastry Arts Program.

The Intensive Professional Program is shorter but still thorough course comparable to CACS Manila’s Professional Program. Developed for Mindanao, the program prepares the students for professional entry into the food service industry. This intensive program integrates classical and modern culinary techniques from the finest institutions abroad with kitchen management skills. Students learn how to prepare soups, sauces, vegetables, entrees, breads, pastries and desserts. They will learn how to identify, fabricate and portion meat, poultry, fish and shellfish.

The course will also provide the introductory skills on Asian and Halal cooking, wine appreciation, table service and back of the house operations.

This program is a hands-on training series for students to gain proficiency in various skills needed to perform at professional standards in a commercial kitchen. The students will also prepare buffets and be involved in actual functions.

Learn the CACS method and be the Global Chef! The program has a required practicum training for 500 hours on actual restaurant condition. Enrollment includes 3 sets of uniforms, chef’s kit, manual and all ingredients to be used.


DAY 1: Orientation
DAY 2: Meat Fabrication, Day 1
DAY 3: Meat Fabrication, Day 2
DAY 4: Pork Fabrication, Day 1
DAY 5: Poultry Fabrication, Day 2
DAY 6: Lamb and Duck Fabrication, Day 1
DAY 7: Variety Meats
DAY 8: Sausage, Pastrami and Ham-Making
DAY 9: Fish and Seafoods, Day 1
DAY 10: Fish and Seafoods, Day 2
DAY 11: Stocks
DAY 12: White Sauces
DAY 13: Brown Sauces
DAY 14: Egg-based Sauces
DAY 15: Tomato Sauces
DAY 16: Infused Oils / Gravlax Indian Cooking
DAY 17: Vegetable Cookery / Turkey Workshop
DAY 18: Salad / Salad Dressings
DAY 19: Culinary Mid-Term Exam
DAY 20: Market Day
DAY 21: Potato Cookery
DAY 22: Pasta Cookery
DAY 23: Rice Cookery
DAY 24: Legumes Cookery
DAY 25: Egg Cookery / Breakfast Eggs
DAY 26: Asian Mother Cuisine
DAY 27: Asian Mother Cuisine
DAY 28: Cheese Day / Menu Planning
DAY 29: International Cuisine: Italian
DAY 30: International Cuisine: Greek
DAY 31: International Cuisine: Halal
DAY 32: Asian Cuisine: Thai
DAY 33: Asian Cuisine: Vietnam
DAY 34: Asian Cuisine: Japanese
DAY 35: Asian Cuisine: Korean
DAY 36: Asian Cuisine: Japanese, Filipino & Malay
DAY 37: Basic Wine Seminar
DAY 38: Basic Wine Seminar, Day 2
DAY 39: Legacy Buffet
DAY 40: Western Market Basket
DAY 41: Asian Market Basket
DAY 42: Institutional Products Application: Foodservices
DAY 43: Institutional Products Application: Baking Company
DAY 44: Institutional Product Application: Actron Day
DAY 45: Repertoire

DAY 1: Intro to Pastry
DAY 2: Crepes
DAY 3: Souffles and Custards
DAY 4: Quickbreads / Breakfast Breads
DAY 5: Meringues and Piping
DAY 6: Petit Fours
DAY 7: Petit, Fours, Day 2
DAY 8: Pastry Dough
DAY 9: Pies and Tarts
DAY 10: Quick Puff Pastry / Intro to Yeast
DAY 11: Yeast Breads, Day 2
DAY 12: Pastry Mid-Term Exam
DAY 13: Cakes / Mousses / Bavarians
DAY 14: Cakes / Mousses / Bavarians, Day 2
DAY 15: Contemporary Cakes
DAY 16: Rolled Fondant
DAY 17: Individual Desserts
DAY 18: Individual and Contemporary Desserts
DAY 19: Individual and Contemporary Desserts, Day 2
DAY 20: Ice Cream, Sorbets and Containers
DAY 21: Intro to Chocolates
DAY 22: Plated Desserts: Demo and Lecture
DAY 23: Plated Desserts, Day 2
DAY 24: Plated Desserts, Day 3
DAY 25: Pastry Final Discussion / Workshop
DAY 26: Pastry Final Exam

Requirements for enrollment:
1.Filled-out CACS Application Form
2.Comprehensive Resume with 2X2 photo.
3.Minimum educational requirement: High School Graduate
4.Photocopy of Birth Certificate
5. For High School Graduates: Form 138
(photocopy of High Report Card and updated Form 137 (photocopy of Transcript of Records)
For College Undergraduates: Form 138
(photocopy of High Report Card and updated Form 137 (photocopy of Transcript of Records)
For College Graduates: Certified True Copy of Diploma and Form 137
(Photocopy of Transcript)
6.Good Moral Character Certificate or Letter of Recommendation from Previous/Current Employer or Teacher
7.Interview with CACS faculty member