Certificate Program in Cooking and Baking Skills

This hands-on series is intended for individuals or kitchen enthusiasts who are unable to take the full time professional culinary program and yet would like to acquire necessary basic skills, tools and techniques enabling them to enhance their careers or enter a more lucrative world of recreational and even, professional cooking and baking. This series culminates in a lunch buffet where the students get a chance to showcase their newly acquired skills for friends and family.

Graduates will merit a government regulated (TESDA) national Level 2 Certificate.

The lessons cover all areas of basic kitchen skills, meat, fish, poultry, and seafood fabrication; vegetables; pasta and other starch accompaniments, and internationally accepted standards for baking. Menu planning and wine appreciation are part of the program.

This 20-day course, which will be handled by top chef restaurateurs and consultants, is limited to 25 students per class. Enrollment includes all ingredients, a personalized Chef’s jacket, CACS textbook, and a Chef’s kit comprised of basic Chef’s tools.


NO HIDDEN CHARGES! Php 83,500.00

Enrollment includes Chef’s kit comprised of basic Chef’s tools such as a Chef’s knife, paring knife, peeler, measuring spoons, strainer, whisk, straight and offset spatulas, pastry bags, etc., CACS Textbook, and ALL Ingredients as well as a Uniform Set consisting of a personalized Chef’s Jacket, Apron, Toque and Towel.



Day 1 – Basic Culinary French / Basic Kitchen Skills / Vegetable / Salads & Dressings

Day 2 – Egg Cookery and Egg Based Sauces

Day 3 – Stocks / Soups

Day 4 – Stocks / Sauces

Day 5 – Beef Fabrication

Day 6 – Pork & Lamb Fabrication

Day 7 – Chicken & Duck Fabrication

Day 8 – Seafood Fabrication

Day 9 – Introduction to Asian Cookery

Day 10 – Introduction to Pastry / Crepes / Soufflés /

Custards / Waffles / Pancakes

Day 11 – Meringues

Day 12 – Pastry Dough

Day 13 – Cakes and Cookies

Day 14 – Bread and Special Desserts

Day 15 – Chocolates

Day 16 – Legacy Buffet Discussion, Menu Planning

& Design, and Wine Appreciation Dinner

Day 17-19 – Logistic Catering Preparations

Day 20 – Legacy Buffet




  1. Completed CACS Application Form
  2. Comprehensive Resume
  3. 4 pcs passport photo, white background with collar
  4. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  5. Photocopy of Marriage contract (if married)
  6. Minimum Education Requirements:

High School Graduates: Form 138 (Photocopy of High School Report card) and photocopy of High School Diploma

College Undergraduates: Form 138 (Photocopy of High School Report card) and Updated Form 137 (photocopy of transcript of records)

College Graduates: Photocopy of Diploma and Form 137 (photocopy of transcript of records)

  1. Interview by a CACS Faculty Member
  2. Reservation and Processing Fee of Php 10,000 for Skills Program (non-refundable; applicable towards enrollment fee)