progpicPremier Recreational and Professional Courses
With our faculty, who are all experienced, dynamic and active food industry consultants and practitioners; The Center for Asian Culinary Studies, as a world class and progressive culinary arts institution, pushes its vision of producing the world’s global chefs. For 10 years, CACS has been providing the Philippines and the world with high quality education, therefore producing very successful chefs and food entrepreneurs.

CACS Comprehensive Culinary &
Pastry Arts Programs Long & Short Courses

With our comprehensive culinary & pastry arts programs, you’ll graduate
with the extensive knowledge of cooking and baking techniques & methods, leadership skills, and the necessary knowledge about the food & beverage industry each person needs to be successful in your chosen culinary paths. The CACS method is completely hands-on and personalized, and has been proven to be the most culinary education method here in the country. Choose from 2-6 month courses, or our 12 month courses. In CACS, we put you right where all the action is…and that’s in the kitchen.

Our shorter foundational courses are geared towards those who would like to have the most basic skills needed to be able to cook or bake. Short but intensive, these short courses are focused on the foundations of your chosen skill.

Recreational Programs and Workshops
Whether you are a homemaker looking for new recipes, a home business owner trying to sell homemade goodies, or a professional wanting to find some inspiration for your dishes — CACS offers the best and most unique & value-for-money classes & workshops taught by the Philippines’ best chefs!

Continuing Education Programs
It is time to take your career to the next level. Improve and enrich your skills as a culinarian with our CACS Continuing Education Programs. These programs are geared toward intensive expertise in specialized areas in culinary and pastry arts.

Specialized Group Programs
Our specialized group programs are specifically targetted to groups who want to learn cooking and baking customized to their needs. Our OFW program is geared for companies who want their workers to earn foundational skills to enhance their work. We also have team-building programs for companies who would like to experience the team effort and camaraderie in a fun kitchen setting.

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