The Professional Baking and Pastry Arts Program


TO BAKE: To use an oven or other dry heat chamber to cook a food item, maybe covered or uncovered.

PASTRY: A variety of sweet baked goods, a variety of unleavened pastry doughs that typically consist of flour, liquid and fat.

DESSERT: The final course of a meal consisting of a sweet preparation. The word comes from desservir, which in French means, “ to clear the table “.


The Professional Baking and Pastry Arts Program prepares the student for professional entry in the food service industry with particular focus on classical, modern and technical skills in all areas of baking and pastry production. The student learns science, methods, techniques and presentation of breads, cakes, cookies and pastry in the area of flour technology and dessert fabrication. The course also lays emphasis on areas of cake decoration with particulars on celebration and wedding cake assembly.

The extensive program includes in its curriculum the principles of creating plated desserts, methods for professional sweet and savory garnishing, artisanal methods for breads. The student will also train in European and American techniques of chocolate, confectionary and laminated doughs production using the latest equipments from abroad. This is the most complete course in baking which includes Asian breads and desserts as well as commercial and institutional baking applications needed for the industry now.

The course will be handled by Chef JunJun de Guzman, Pastry Program Director and Head Instructor.



1 Introduction and History of Pastry and Baking
2 Hygiene and Sanitation
3 Nutrition
4 Bakery Math and Computations
5 – 6 Crepes, Pancakes, and Waffles
7 – 8 Egg Lecture: Classic Desserts
Custards and Puddings
9 Souffles : Savory and Sweet
10-11 Meringues and Meringue Desserts
12 – 13 Pate A Choux
14 Pastry Dough: Pate Brisee
15 – 16 Pastry Dough 2 : Pate Sucree / Pate Sable
17-19 Pastry Dough 3: French / American Methods
20- 21 Petits Fours Secs

22 French Macarons
23 Cookies
24 Quick Breads and Muffins
25-27 Classic Cakes and Fillings
28 – 29 Other Classic Cakes
30-32 Viennoiserie / Laminated Doughs
33-36 Contemporary Cakes
37 Midterm Examination – Practical
38 – 44 Basic and Advanced Cake Decorating
45 – 50 Celebration Cake and Wedding Cake Assembly *
51 – 54 Yeast Breads
55 – 56 Asian Breads *
57 – 58 Coffee and Tea Course
59 Verrines
60 -62 Individual Cakes
63 -65 Chocolate Artistry
66 – 67 Confectionery
68 -69 Fruit Preservations: Jams, Jellies, Chutneys
70 Sugarwork
71 – 72 Ice Creams, Gelatos and Sherbets
73 – 78 Art of Plated Desserts
79 Filipino Kakanin
80 Catering Desserts
81 – 82 Asian Desserts
83 – 85 Institutional Baking Applications
86 Exploring Wines for Pastry Chefs
87 Recipe Writing Methods
88 – 89 Dessert Buffet or Bake Sale Presentation – Final Examination
90 Baked Product Presentation – Final Examination
91 The Baking Critic: Written Commentary on Baked Product
and Bakery Establishment
92 TESDA NC 2 Bakery Production Competence Examination

with 500-600 hours on the job training / externship


FEE : Php330,000.00

Payment Scheme:

Plan A:  Php 165,000.00 DP upon enrollment, Php 55,000.00 monthly for 3 Months TOTAL Php 330,000.00

Plan B: 3 Months payment of Php 123,200.00 with PDC payment  Php 369,600.00

Plan C: FULL Payment with 10% discount (Cash, Check Payment)amounting

 Php 297,000.00 / 5% discount card payment  amounting Php 313,500.00)

This course will be available on  FEBRUARY 2017!!

MWF Class


Requirements needed:

*Filled application form with ID picture 2 pcs 2 x 2 and 1 x 1 colored photo
*NSO Birth Certificate
*Form 137 for High school graduates or Transcript of Records for College Graduates
*Certificate of good moral character from school or employer
*Psychological Evaluation
*Complete medical physical examination results
*Interview with Pastry Director

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