Center for Asian Culinary Studies

Professional Culinary Education from the Philippines’ Best

Our Mission

To Provide Our Students with World-Class Culinary Education

The Center for Asian Culinary Studies is operated by the country’s top chefs: food and beverage industry consultants: Gene Gonzalez, Junjun De Guzman and Gino Gonzalez. With their long years of culinary experience and attendance of cooking schools worldwide, an innovative concept in culinary education has been formulated. The CACS offers a full range of courses in cooking, baking and pastry, wine, health nutrition, chocolate artistry and food business management. For students who wish to pursue a career in the culinary arts, professional chef-training programs are available using the best-equipped classrooms in the country with modern, state-of-the-art equipment from Europe and the United States. It is the only culinary school with its own restaurant, that has been multi-awarded. Students are taken into the restaurant for internship training before the students are sent for externship in their chosen hotels and restaurants. CACS also teaches the use of the hospitality software system used around the world. As a graduate, you will find that CACS will not only train you professionally, but will help open doors to a myriad of culinary careers.


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All our facilities are fully air-conditioned and is complete with technologically advanced kitchen equipment to prepare student for the best culinary education in the Philippines.

CACS Manila

The main hub for professional and recreational studies in Gastronomy and in Classical and Modern Culinary artistry.

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CACS Davao

International culinary arts school in Mindanao which has now fast becoming a Mindanao Center for Cuisine and Pastry arts.

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