Proof of CACS’ Quality Education & Excellence

The Center for Asian Culinary Studies is accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). TESDA is a government institution in the Philippines that formulates manpower and skills plans, sets appropriate skills standards and tests, coordinates and monitors manpower policies and programs, and provides policy directions and guidelines for resource allocation for the TVET institutions in both the private and public sectors. All our professors are certified by TESDA, we are a destination for TESDA Assessment for Commercial Cooking & Baking.

On August 2004, TESDA awarded the Professional Program of the CACS with National Certificate level 4, the highest level TESDA has ever given to any culinary school.

Our Professional Culinary & Pastry Arts Program became a diploma course, which is recognized in the biggest institutions in the Philippines. For many years, CACS was the only Culinary School bearing this certification. Today, all our graduates of the Professional Program will receive a Commercial Cooking NC-IV, Commercial Cooking NC-III, Commercial Cooking NC-II and Bread & Pastry Production NC-II Certifications from TESDA. That is 4 internationally recognized certifications with just one course!

Our Certificate Program in Cooking & Baking Skills graduates will merit a TESDA Commercial Cooking NC-II Certification, this is the base certification needed by any kitchen staffer wanting to apply abroad.

CACS is dedicated to the quality of our programs and to give our students the best culinary education here in the Philippines. That is why we are also currently applying and creating more programs to ensure all our students are given the highest quality education we can give them.