Have A Fun Group Activity in the Kitchen

CACS has been offering customized group and team-building sessions for companies who would like to have fun and yet challenging exercise which requires all the elements of teamwork – communication, goal-setting, planning, cooperation, creativity, task orientation, etc.

Build Camaraderie, and a Delicious Meal While You’re At It.

Our team building workshops build the spirit of teamwork by creating a teamwork experience in a kitchen setting. The daily routine of work is generally focused on the tasks at hand. Employees often get stuck in task-focused habits that cause them to lose sight of the value of teamwork.

In our workshops, participants get to know each other in new ways, and new connections are formed. And what more creative way to get to know and build these connections by making a delicious buffet from scratch, or a workshop where everyone can cook together and make food together at the same time. The best part is always finishing your task and having a delicious meal with you comrades.

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